Welcome to Toris-Australia

Toris-Australia is the tournament software for managing ridesport in the classic disziplines of jumping/dressage/eventing. Basing of the german toris-system, Toris-Australia was translated and custumized to fit the australien needs. The translation-process is still in progress, but if you would like to see or get your hands on a working beta, please use the download-button which will be available if the Beta is ready to ship! Please keep in mind, that you use this software on your own risk. The helpfile is still in german and will be translated at last.

If you need assistance and/or training, please contact
Alex Wright from the ACE-Group

Some corrections where made - fixed some reports (international dressage) to match the FEI-rules in displaying the results in percent only.

Full-Version Toris-Australia Beta V1.3

Update for exitsting Beta 1 (ATT! You need to have a FULL-Version of Toris-Australia already installed on your pc to use this package - otherwise you will run into trouble with missing files).

Updated 23.July,2009